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  1. Does anyone ever wonder why Bridal Magazines and Bridal Shops and stores don't feature Veils? We found this to be true in Western Australia, New South Wales, New Zealand, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and even China and England.
    We think at Mari-ette Bridal Veils that Bridal Veils are IMPORTANT! As much as the gown in some cases.
  2. As Bridal Veil Wholesalers to the Wedding & Bridal Retail Industry we would like to hear comments from Brides, Grooms or others, regarding wedding services in general. Tell us your experiences and how you think that services may be improved or if you recommend particular services.
    We believe that your wedding day is one of the most IMPORTANT DAYS IN YOUR LIFE! So if we get reactions we will pass them on to retailers, wholesalers and outlets in order to help improve services in our industry.
    We welcome comments from persons in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Europe or anywhere you may be.